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Compass Connect is our Proprietary software designed with our customers in mind to have a user-friendly application to send your requisitions digitally, among many other options.

Tired of filling out requisitions by hand?

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Get Connected with Compass Connect

Compass Connect Is a cloud based online windows software application that is used by healthcare professionals to.


  • Order patient test

  • View patient results

  • Compare patients current and previous test results (Toxicology & Molecular only)

  • View pending results that are currently being processed at the lab

  • Order supplies needed for collection of samples and shipping of those samples

  • Schedule a phlebotomist to collect blood samples from patients

  • View and delete pending requisitions

  • Track samples

  • Create Customer Inquiry Requests (CIR) for questions about samples

  • Submit credit card payments for self-pay patients

  • Print a daily manifest report

  • Print container sample labels

  • Edit and Modify submitted patients test before lab processing

  • Manage Patient affidavits with missing or incorrect information


With Compass Connect users will have a proven application to manage most all aspects of the patients healthcare. Compass Connect empowers users, of varying skill levels, to rapidly create requisitions and schedule appointments of there patients. Users will also have 24/7 access to patient lab results and the option to create a Customer Inquiry request when a question arises about a lab result.

Use the section below to request a demo to see all the available options you will have with Compass Connect.

Request Compass Connect Demo

1910 Nonconnah Blvd #108

Memphis, TN 38132

(901) 348-5774

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